ICC Under-19 World Cup

West Indies Under-19s vs Australia Under-19s, List A, ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2022

West Indies Under-19s
169/10 (40.1 ov)
170/4 (44.5 ov)
Australia Under-19s
AU-19 won by 6 wickets
West Indies Under-19s InningsWI-19 Innings169/10 (40.1 ov)
Shaqkere Parris lbw b William Salzmann4130030.80
lbw b William Salzmann
Matthew Nandu c Tobias Snell b Tom Whitney01000.00
c Tobias Snell b Tom Whitney
Teddy Bishop c Tobias Snell b Tom Whitney5151033.30
c Tobias Snell b Tom Whitney
Rivaldo Clarke (WK)c Isaac Higgins b Nivethan Radhakrishnan37424088.10
c Isaac Higgins b Nivethan Radhakrishnan
Ackeem Auguste c Campbell Kellaway b Cooper Connolly57678085.10
c Campbell Kellaway b Cooper Connolly
Giovonte Depeiza lbw b Cooper Connolly05000.00
lbw b Cooper Connolly
Anderson Mahase b Nivethan Radhakrishnan6120050.00
b Nivethan Radhakrishnan
Johann Layne b Nivethan Radhakrishnan12220054.55
b Nivethan Radhakrishnan
McKenny Clarke c Nivethan Radhakrishnan b Tom Whitney29352382.86
c Nivethan Radhakrishnan b Tom Whitney
Shiva Sankar c & b Cooper Connolly7190036.84
c & b Cooper Connolly
Onaje Amory Not out011000.00
Not out
Extra12 (b 2, w 7, nb 1, lb 2)
Total169/10 (40.1)
Tom Whitney8.122032.45
William Salzmann511913.80
Aidan Cahill301304.33
Harkirat Bajwa704806.86
Nivethan Radhakrishnan1004834.80
Cooper Connolly711732.43
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
Matthew Nandu1-10.2
Teddy Bishop2-124.3
Shaqkere Parris3-125.1
Rivaldo Clarke4-10721.5
Giovonte Depeiza5-10922.6
Ackeem Auguste6-11224.1
Anderson Mahase7-12427.4
J Layne8-13131.1
Shiva Sankar9-14536.2
McKenny Clarke10-16940.1
Australia Under-19s InningsAU-19 Innings170/4 (44.5 ov)
Corey Miller b J Layne010000.00
b J Layne
Teague Wyllie Not out861298066.70
Not out
Isaac Higgins c Rivaldo Clarke b Shiva Sankar9201045.00
c Rivaldo Clarke b Shiva Sankar
Cooper Connolly b Onaje Amory23314074.19
b Onaje Amory
Nivethan Radhakrishnan c Anderson Mahase b Matthew Nandu31582053.45
c Anderson Mahase b Matthew Nandu
Campbell Kellaway Not out10221045.50
Not out
Extra11 (b 0, w 5, nb 1, lb 5)
Total170/4 (44.5)
Yet To BatTobias Snell, Aidan Cahill, William Salzmann, Harkirat Bajwa, Tom Whitney
Johann Layne701912.71
Shiva Sankar703414.86
McKenny Clarke502505.00
Onaje Amory1012912.90
Anderson Mahase702904.14
Matthew Nandu8.522913.30
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
Corey Miller1-52.4
Isaac Higgins2-217.5
Cooper Connolly3-7417.5
Nivethan Radhakrishnan4-14938.5
Match Details
2022-01-14 13:00 PM
Providence Stadium, Guyana, Providence
West Indies Under-19s won the toss & elected to bat
  • Buddhi Pradhan
  • David Millns
Tv Umpires
  • Martin Saggers
Match Referee
  • Phil Whitticase